We know what it takes to start a business in India, and to run it. From company registrations, to hotels, to travel, from employing employees, to suppliers, to designing, promoting and executing projects- we have had our falls and our successes. We have learnt a lot and we are now ready to share and service with our expertise with the Japanese touch. Also take a look at the Pebble way of work.


Meet people behind it.

We believe that our team will build the strong future of our company. We have an interesting mix of craziness yet logical human beings on board. Pictures of directors and team members. Mouse scroll-over gives a short description of the position in the company.

Takako Oshibuchi

Managing Director, Owner & Founder

Experience of above 15 years in Brand building and sales promotions
Loves interesting colourful things. Loves Miso Soup.
Has almost turned into an Indian after interesting and sometimes difficult expeditions with the locals.

Jiro Kataoka

Company Director and overall Advisor

Experience of above 23 years in brand building, business development, sales promotions, and marketing.
Loves to stay organized and clean. Loves cooking.
Feels service should be delivered impeccably. Over-works even with a bad cough, cold and fever and get-well-soon when he touches the Indian soil.


Sr. Manager, Marketing, Branding and Sales

An MBA with 4+ years of rich experience in sales and marketing in both B2B and B2C segments. He has worked in multiple sectors but marketing has always been his focus.
Loved by his peers, he is always keen to take part in team activities be it preparing breakfast at office or delivering a pitch for world’s biggest automobile corporation.
An avid gamer, his favorite stress buster is PS3. An extremely personable being, he loves to meet new people and share experiences.

Latasha Barshilia

Business Development and Executive Operations

A classical dancer in love with Japan and Japanese food.
Travelling being an all-time favourite, fashion and trends are what she likes to keep a tab on.

Nikhil K N

Business Development Engineer with abundant creative ideas.
Love to work in group and put forward constructive ideas for a better tomorrow.

Quentin Mees

Managing Director

A man for everything, who totally believes that
"the mere act of aiming at something great, makes you great"



    Coffee’s consumed- 200 cups


    Tea Consumed-120 cups


    Alcohol consumed- 50 bottles


    Number of tuk-tuk rides – 189 bumpy ones


    Number of Taxi rides – 98 convenient ones


    Number of Air-plane rides – 5 long and 4 short distances