How did it all started?

Pebble Branding Pvt. Ltd. was registered on 28th December 2012 and we kick-started our operations from day one. It all started with our director Takako Oshibuchi (as she likes to be called) san’s love for Miso Soup and the fact that India being unknown to the soup’s goodness, that got her travelling, test market and explore India.

After a test marketing project in India for Miso Soup she understood that the Indian market has great potential in terms of brand building, marketing and promotions. With over 7 years of experience in Japan and co-owning a brand building company SoftStones in Tokyo-Japan, Ms. Takako Oshibuchi and Mr. Jiro Kataoka decided to start Pebble Branding Pvt. Ltd in India. Pebble Branding after a gamut of experiences such as Indian tuk-tuks, vendor management, client relations, Indian market research, to experiencing luxury at interesting restaurants with interesting accompaniments looks forward to more of such interesting expeditions and experiences with businesses and consumers.