Our vision at Pebble Branding Pvt. Ltd. is to form a bridge between the Indian and the Japanese business market and to build a strong and ongoing cultural and amicable relationship between the two countries. This would enable the two countries to know more, connect and start businesses while also finding it easy to tap the right talent to get their job done.

We introduce to you Pebble Trends - a media website to promote businesses, market trends, and talent. Users can find fresh and trending businesses, ever-green and just-in market trends, and connect with talented individuals. Users could register with us to share their views, reviews, and share their take with pictures, videos or content on our website. This content would be reviewed by our admin before we post them on our website.

Pebble Trends is our way to create an interesting platform where two very different yet unique cultures could interchange ideas, views and connect businesses, markets and people with just a few clicks.